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Vanuatu maps and web applications for the Vanuatu Electoral Environment Project (VEEP)

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1 Days
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Satellite Imagery and Analysis
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Private – by invitation
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United Nations Satellite Centre UNOSAT
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UNDP Crisis Bureau assisted UNDP Vanuatu in coordination with UNOSAT to explore the potential uses of geo-information tools in the Civil and Electoral Registries validation as part of VEEP.
Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery was acquired and analysed to provide baseline data, which was used for civil and voter registry verification and validation process in selected provinces.
The project was scaled up to cover more provinces and produce several other map products

The aim of this presentation was to showcase the project work, so far, undertaken by UNOSAT to partners and stakeholders. The aim of this was to demonstrate maps and applications created to show the potential and discuss additional data and analysis going forward.

Introduction to UNOSAT

Project overview

Voter registry verification and validation activities:

Satellite imagery and remote sensing analysis

Map and atlas outputs, for support field verification

Field data assessment and analysis

Spatial analysis and statistics on voters demography

Village mapping

2021 Provincial Election results analysis

Communication outreach activities and additional data requests

Online Storymap and dashboard

Way forward

Q&A and discussion

1 hour online presentation via MS Teams

Target audience was project partners and stakeholders, including UNDP Vanuatu staff and relevant staff from ministries/ government in Vanuatu.

15 participants (10 male, 5 female) from across different agencies and ministries in Vanuatu, including UNOSAT, IOM, UNDP Vanuatu, Vanuatu National Statistics Office (VNSO), Vanuatu Civil Registries, Vanuatu Electoral Office and Vanuatu Ministry of Health.