We offer a wide range of activities under the six thematic areas through training and training-related activities; workshops and seminars; briefings; conferences and public lectures; side events; and online courses.

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Over the past years, we have diversified the mode of delivery of training, with e-Learning courses now accounting for one-third of all events and with over 5,000 learners from all corners of the world benefitting from our virtual learning environment.  We also engage in training-related and other advisory support services to governments at achieving broader social and economic development outcomes, such as developing institutional capacities.

For more information about categories of courses and events currently offered, please see below. 

Free and open courses

UNITAR offers courses that run throughout the year or several times a year that are free-of-charge and open to the public.

Public courses and events

UNITAR offers courses and events that run throughout the year and are open to the general public or a specific target audience. These activities are usually fee-based and may be offered through face-to-face training, seminars, workshops or e-Learning courses.

Private courses and events

UNITAR offers courses and training that run throughout the year and are designed and only open for a specific target audience. Private events are often by invitation only and are reserved for a pre-determined group of participants. While the event is announced in the online catalogue for information purposes, no registrations or applications are possible.

On-demand courses and events

UNITAR offers on-demand and customized activities, based on partners' needs and requirements to design and facilitate an event or course. Customized training enables our partners to choose from a wide range of themes, propose innovative workshop combinations or request organizing a course or training that is not currently offered.

Master's programmes

In addition to training and e-Learning courses, we provide the opportunity to gain knowledge through post-graduate courses. We partner with academic institutions such as the Open University of Catalonia, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Copenhagen to offer diplomas and certificates in areas such as conflictology, development policies and geo-information in disaster situations.