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CIFAL Malaga- Terrorism, radicalisation and organized crime: threats to national security

Malaga, Spain
3 Days
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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International University of Andalucia
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Since the beginning of the millennium the most important International Organizations, from the UN to the OSCE, passing through the EU, have also included in their political and normative agenda the phenomenon of violent radicalization, terrorism and organized crime, because they understand that it is ones of the great challenges to contemporary security, both for the so-called international community and for internal societies. The processes undertaken by individuals and collectives, which lead them to assume extreme ideologies that justify the use of force, have grown exponentially in quantitative and qualitative terms, and frequently, as indicated by the Spanish Security Strategy of 2017, constitute the previous stage for the establishment of active links with terrorist groups and organizations.

Therefore, violent extremism has different signs, since radicalization adopts differentiated forms and is not the exclusive patrimony of any political or religious belief, and in particular its impact on recruitment and indoctrination with terrorist ends, not only constitute a current threat, but which is emerging as one of the great questions of the future with a view to the construction of truly inclusive societies.


This course aims to provide a global view of the challenges that problems such as radicalization, international terrorism, primarily jihadi-oriented, or the rise of organized crime pose to our National Security and the rest of Countries.

It aims to raise awareness on how these problems affect our National Security and how they should be addressed.



  • To access knowledge, material and updated information on the contemporary challenge on security, from the hand of academics and experts of recognized international prestige.
  • To shed light on a phenomenon in which the mobilization of professionals from different fields.
  • To analyse the fight against terrorism in Spain, highlighting threats and processes to combat them.
  • To breakdown the processes of radicalisation in Spain, and focusing in violent radicalisation.
  • To identify main actors of organized crime and to examine principal illegal markets.
  • To relate the three thematic axes exposed during this course.


1) The Sahel: Advanced Frontier.

2) Fight against terrorism in Spain: threats and answers.



3) Operational intelligence analysis in the area of cybercrime and cyberterrorism.

4) Radicalization processes in Spain.

5) Relationship between radicalization, terrorism and organized crime.



6) Organized crime: main actors and illegal markets.

7) Fight against violent radicalisation.

8) TERRORISM 4.0. How Terrorism is evolving.



9) The role of combat intelligence in the fight against terrorism.

10) Threats to National Security.


This course is comprised of lectures, practical exercises and question and answer sessions.

Students of the University – UMA, UNED, Public Administration Personnel as members of Malaga City Hall, local police, national police, Guardia Civil, CICTO, CNI, CIFAS, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Institute Spanish Strategic Studies, Elcano Real Institute, CIFAL Málaga and anyone interested in the subject.