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Gender Matters [PTP.2018.16E]

1 Days
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The course offers various lenses through which you can look at the complex concept of gender and the inequalities that exist in your environment.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Define gender as socially embedded;
  • Describe key gender-related terms;
  • Distinguish between different conceptualizations of gender;
  • Identify sources of gender inequality in their environment.




The course is composed of eight sections:


•   Section 1: Defining gender

•   Section 2: Gender vs. sex

•   Section 3: Gender as a social construct

•   Section 4: Gender as order

•   Section 5: Gender as power hierarchy

•   Section 6: Gender as shared identity

•   Section 7: Gender stereotypes

•   Section 8: Masculinities

•   Section 9:  The UN approach to gender 


The average work time is estimated at 2 hours. 


The course is a self-guided, self-paced, web-based course that is on-going and can be accessed at any time. The material is presented in an interactive visual and text format with web-based reference resources. Multiple choice quizzes at the end of each lesson serve a dual function of assessing and evaluating the students’ understanding and retention and provide a further didactic function by reviewing the content.

At the successful completion of the course participants will be awarded with a badge.  

Primary audience: The course is designed for anyone who has an interest in the concept of gender and gender equality.

Secondary audience: The course is geared towards anyone who wishes to garner a baggage of basic knowledge to then pursue more advanced courses in conflictology, notably UNITAR’s master degree in Conflictology.  


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