We offer on-demand and customized activities, based on partners' needs and requirements to design and facilitate an event or course. Customized training enables our partners to choose from a wide range of themes, propose innovative workshop combinations or request organizing a course or training that is not currently offered.

Below is a list of topics in which we currently offer customized activities to partners and donors. 

Multilateral Diplomacy and International Affairs Management

At the request of individual UN Member States and/or in partnership with intergovernmental organizations, we organize and implement specifically designed courses on themes related to multilateral diplomacy and international affairs management. The duration, content and structure of the courses are defined in close consultation with the beneficiaries and partner organizations in order to meet their specific needs.  For more information, please contact diplomacy [at] unitar.org (diplomacy[at]unitar[dot]org)

Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Building upon over a decade of experience delivering focused, relevant, needs-based training in Afghanistan, we frequently deliver tailored training modules for countries enduring and emerging from conflict situations.  For more information, please contact hiroshima [at] unitar.org (hiroshima[at]unitar[dot]org).

Peacekeeping Training

We implement tailor-made activities in its field of expertise following a specific request from partners (i.e. Governments, institutions, international and non-governmental organizations, and public institutions). Tailor-made activities can take the form of training courses (e-Learning, face-to-face and blended), conferences, roundtable discussions and other special events.  For more information, please contact ptp [at] unitar.org (ptp[at]unitar[dot]org)

Public Finance, Trade and Intellectual Property

Wer egularly design and deliver face-to-face, online or blended (face-to-face/online) training activities in the field of public finance, trade and intellectual property upon request by our partner institutions and donors. The training design, delivery and methodology are customized to reflect the needs of the beneficiaries and partners in order to meet the project objectives. With our global experience and extensive network of international experts and practitioners, We offer our partners a cost-effective, quality and results-driven customized training. For more information, please contact pft-elearning [at] unitar.org (pft-elearning[at]unitar[dot]org)