31 Jul 2024

Youth Leadership Development Programme: Science, Innovation and Climate change

8 Days
Programme Area
Environment, Climate Change, Multilateral Diplomacy, Other
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By application & selection
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Multilateral Diplomacy
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UNITAR alongside the partnership with Social Impact Investment Foundation offers the program on Science, Innovation, and Climate change is designed for young people who are passionate about making a significant impact in international organizations, multinational corporations, and fields such as science and technology. This initiative is crucial as it addresses key global challenges, including climate change, digital economic transformations, and sustainable development, which are pivotal in today's interconnected world.

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become effective leaders and innovators. They will explore critical areas like social impact investing, green industry transformations, and entrepreneurial excellence. Structured into three interactive modules—online thematic courses, field visits to multinational companies in China, and a final evaluative presentation—this program ensures comprehensive learning that blends theoretical knowledge with practical insights. By its conclusion, participants will be prepared to contribute constructively to sustainable development, crisis prevention, and global peace promotion, aligning with the United Nations Youth 2030 Strategy.

The program seeks to activate and consolidate a wide array of resources to further the objectives of the United Nations Youth 2030 Strategy by nurturing a new generation of leaders proficient in navigating the complex interplay of science, technology, and diplomacy. By leveraging the extensive knowledge and operational networks of the United Nations system, the program is designed to deepen participants’ understanding of pressing global issues and enhance their problem-solving skills. The program aims to inspire and prepare participants to effectively address and lead efforts against global challenges related to the environment, public health, and climate change.

The Project consists of two components:

Component 1 – Eight Webinars (one hour each)

  • Climate Action: From Learning to Practice
  • Advancing Sustainable Development in Practice
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Climate Change and Gender Equality 

The second set of webinars centers on Leadership Skills, exploring advanced leadership skills and strategies for fostering effective, inclusive, and transformative leadership in organizations and communities.

  • Negotiations Skills and Techniques
  • Leadership Skills
  • Public Speaking 
  • Intercultural communication

Component 2 – Field Visit in China

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