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21 Apr 2024

Introduction to the UN System - 2024 - I

4 Weeks
Programme Area
Multilateral Diplomacy, International Law
Public – by registration
Mode of Delivery
Multilateral Diplomacy
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The course is aimed to provide participants with an advanced knowledge of the UN System.

    At the end of the course participants will be able to:

    • Describe the structure of United Nations System of Organisations;
    • Delineate the evolution of Multilateral Diplomacy;
    • Defend the necessity of the UN and the role of international law;
    • Explain the formal and informal processes of the UN;
    • Participate in the simulation of a typical UN Meeting

    Module 1: Introduction - Structure of United Nations System of Organisations

    Module 2: Evolution of Multilateral Diplomacy  - How the concept of Global Governance evolved from Westphalia to San Fransisco.

    Module 3: Why do we need UN - The role of international law - Global Governance - Global Commons , Peace and Security, Human Security, Environment and Economic and Social Development.

    Module 4: UN at work - Formal and informal processes, negotiations, outcomes etc and Simulation of a typical UN Meeting.

    This course promotes an interactive approach through lessons and multimedia material, stimulating critical thinking. Each module has its own learning objectives, as well as interactive online lessons, which guide participants through the contents. The lessons are also available in PDF format so participants can work offline. Contents and activities are practice-oriented and under a self-assessment approach, so participants will learn through practical examples and assignments associated with research and case scenarios. This experience will be supported by the UNITAR team, additional resources and material, and visuals such as infographics and videos.

    In addition to the online course, a Q&A webinar will take place in May 2024 (tbc).

    Government officials, international civil servants, lawyers, judges, NGO representatives, academics and private sector professionals in the field of international law and international organizations.

    Certificates: Participants who successfully meet the minimum passing requirements at the end of the course will receive a UNITAR Certificate of Completion.

    Technical requirements: 

    • The course is delivered through UNITAR’s Virtual Learning Environment and participants will require a reliable Internet connection throughout its duration;
    • The Q&A webinar is delivered via the platform Zoom and participants will require a reliable Internet connection.