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How to prevent e-waste?

1 Days
Programme Area
Climate Change
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Why take this course?

Can you imagine a world without e-waste? What will it look like? How do we achieve it? This course aims to inspire, as much as educate. It dares learners to co-create a better tomorrow through individual and joint action.

More specifically, by the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Discuss what electronic waste is and the diverse impacts it has
  • Describe the role individuals, companies, and authorities play in reducing e-waste
  • Identify ways for consumers to support circularity, including by influencing industry players and lawmakers
  • Highlight individual and community actions to tackle and prevent e-waste.

The course at a glance:

  • 1. The State of Play

    An overview of the magnitude of the e-waste problem and its impact.

  • 2. Recycling

    This Module discusses challenges, opportunities, and best practices for e-waste recycling.

  • 3. Reuse & Repair

    Module 3 focuses on approaches to preparing and reusing electronic products so that their lifespan is prolonged

  • 4. Reduce

    Ideas around achieving a zero e-waste society through social, technological, business, and political innovation.

  • 5. Wrap-up

    This section hosts the final assessment test and additional resources.

Get your Certificate:

After completing the course you will get a certificate. All you need to do is complete all videos, readings and activities, as well as choose your sustainable e-waste prevention pledge before the certificate becomes automatically available to download.

You can keep track of your progress and download your certificate under the "Certification" tab on the main course page.