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Green Transition in Eastern Partnership Countries

7 Days
Programme Area
Climate Change
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Public – by registration
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The course is geared towards high- and mid-level civil servants of the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries, who are directly involved in the process of developing, implementing and evaluating policies supporting the transition towards a greener and more circular economy. The goal of the course is to upscale policy action on green and circular economy by strengthening the policy makers’ abilities to analyse and design environmental/green economy policies and tools. After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define green economy, SCP and related concepts and explain their value in regional and national contexts
  • Discuss why the green transition is important for EaP countries
  • Describe social, environmental, and economic benefits from the green transition; and 
  • Analyze the evolution of the green economy and SCP at an international level.

Participants will also develop a concrete green policy action plan or project that aims to enable green economy in their country!

Learning effort

The total number of learning hours is 50, over an 8-week period.

The average amount of work expected for the completion of the course per week/module is listed below.

Module 1: Approx. 6 learning hours

Module 2: Approx. 7 learning hours

Module 3: Approx. 7 learning hours

Module 4: Approx. 7 learning hours

Module 5: Approx. 7 learning hours

Course Assignment: Approx. 10 learning hours

Peer-review and revisions: Approx. 6 learning hours