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Management Practices for Safer Roads

1 Days
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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International Road Federation
Partnership for Action (Road Safety)
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The World Health Organization estimates that improving the 10% highest-risk roads in each country over 20 years, through the implementation of footpaths, safety barriers, bicycle lanes and paved shoulders, just to mention a few, has the potential to prevent around 3.6 million deaths and 40 million serious injuries (WHO, 2015).

The Toolkit highlights local demonstration projects implemented in different countries across continents including Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico and South Africa. It is based on the premise that achieving road safety targets requires, among others, improving existing road infrastructure for the benefit of all road users, especially the most vulnerable.

The “Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit” is an interactive e-learning tool that presents a management methodology that can help improve road safety by:

- Collecting data on the number and location of deaths by road user type
- Identifying hazardous and critical road locations and sections where excessive numbers or severity of crashes occur
- Outlining corrective measures
- Implementing interventions and monitoring results


This Learning Webinar Series is organized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the CIFAL Global Network and international partners to:

• Raise awareness of the Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit, how to access it, its methodology and application;

• Provide an open space to interact with experts, government officials and practitioners on how to use the Toolkit to improve road safety.

It consists of a 1-hour discussion presenting the following structure:

• Introductory Video

• Opening Remarks

• Presentation of the Toolkit and its Application to Road Safety

• Applicability of the Toolkit: Experiences and Lessons Learned

• Q&A

• Closing Remarks

The webinar is addressed to government, private sector, academia and NGOs professionals working on aspects related to road safety