We offer various forms of financial assistance to enable participants from eligible countries to register for fee-based courses and other events with reduced fees or at no cost.

Algerian Fellowship Fund for G77 Diplomats

With the generous support from Algeria, UNITAR awards a limited number of fellowships to diplomats from the Group of 77 countries to participate in the Institute’s short-executive style core diplomatic training events taking place in Geneva and New York. The aim of the Algerian Fellowship Fund is to strengthen knowledge and skills of G77 diplomats to perform effectively in the United Nations multilateral work environment. The Fund demonstrates Algeria’s strong commitment to supporting multilateralism and increasing the effectiveness of multilateral negotiations.  

Fellowship Programmes

We organize several longer-duration Fellowship Programmes with the support from key donors. In the fields of peacemaking, conflict prevention and post conflict reconstruction, two Programmes are held annually:

Participation in the two programmes is based on a competitive application process.

Other forms of financial assistance

With the support from several donors, several other forms of financial assistance are available for the following programme areas:

“Leveling the Playing Field” executive courses in New York

With the generous support from Sweden, UNITAR waives or reduces registration fees diplomats registering for selected courses and other events in New York which aim to ‘Level the Playing Field’ by strengthening knowledge, skills and awareness of diplomats from developing and least developed countries.   

International Master Degree in Conflictology Programme

With the generous support from Sweden, UNITAR waives or reduces enrollment fees for eligible candidates applying for the International Master Degree in Conflictology, which is administered jointly by the Peacekeeping Training Programme and the University of Catalunya.   

General fee waivers and reductions

In accordance with the Institute’s policy on financial assistance, fee reductions or waivers may also be issued for fee-based events which do not fall into any of the above categories of courses or programmes. General fee reductions /waivers are dependent on the availability of sufficient funds to cover the costs of issuing a fee reduction or waiver. Eligibility for such waivers/fee reductions is strictly limited to individuals from developing countries matching the events targeted audience, with individuals from least developed countries receiving priority. Individuals working for the United Nations or an international organization, regardless of nationality, are not eligible for general fee waivers or reductions.