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IOI - UNITAR Online Diploma on Ocean Governance for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems

Multilateral Diplomacy

3 Mar 2023
To be confirmed
10 Days
Programme Area
Environment, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environmental Governance and Law, Other (Environment), Governance, Migration, Other (Governance), Multilateral Diplomacy, International Law
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International Ocean Institute (IOI)


The Online Diploma on Ocean Sustainability is jointly facilitated by the International Ocean Insitute (IOI) and UNITAR.

The programme’s overall objective is to enhance the participants’ knowledge of the factors threatening the oceans and their ecosystems. Specifically, participants will deepen their knowledge on the long-term process of ensuring the sustainable use of the marine ecosystems.

In addition, participants will also gain a deep understanding on science communication and outreach activities to prepare scientific findings for public perception and political decision-makers. Scientific knowledge, policy-making and the global public are key factors to ensure ocean sustainability.

A particular added value of this Online Diploma is its interdisciplinary nature that will allow participants to obtain a holistic vision of the subject at hand.

Event Objectives

IOI and UNITAR have designed a joint Online Diploma on Ocean Governance for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems. The objective of this training will be to enhance participants’ understanding of the fundamentals of the following topics:

  • Ocean governance and the law of the sea;
  • Negotiation and stakeholder involvements in the field;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Biodiversity, resources, climate and pollution.

Learning Objectives

Upon the successful completion of the Online Diploma on Governance for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the linkages between ocean governance and sustainable and equitable human resource use;
  • Describe the Law of the Sea and Principle of Ocean Governance;
  • Discuss trends and future challenges in the global and regional scenarios;
  • Explain the main concepts underlying marine biodiversity;
  • Apply relevant negotiation skills to support efforts to build a more effective multilateral and inclusive environment around the sustainable management of ocean resources and services;
  • Define and explain methods and procedures for evaluating the status of the marine environment through impact and risk assessments.

Content and Structure

Module 1: Fundamentals of Ocean Governance, the Law of the Sea and Sustainable Development

The participants will take part in five introductory e-workshops on governance for sustainable marine ecosystems.

  • Day 1: Introduction to the Programme and Course Concept
  • Day 2: The Law of the Sea, UNCLOS the Constitution of the Ocean
  • Day 3: The Law of the Sea, UNCLOS the Constitution of the Ocean
  • Day 4: Sustainable Development and Biodiversity; Resources; Climate, Pollution and Ocean Acidification
  • Day 5: The Marine Environment and Ecosystem Services

Module 2: Negotiation skills and Economic Perspective on Biodiversity

Following the participation in the first introductory week of e-workshops, participants will attend the second week of e-workshops focussing on relevant practical skills in the field and more specific topics related to ocean sustainability, such as international shipping and marine spatial planning.

  • Day 6: Negotiation Skills and Stakeholder Involvement
  • Day 7: The Blue Economy and Societal Perspectives and Marine Spatial Planning
  • Day 8: The Blue Economy and Societal Perspectives and Marine Spatial Planning
  • Day 9: Introduction to Marine Spatial Planning
  • Day 10: Introduction to Marine Spatial Planning


The Online Diploma on Governance for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems will take place over 10 e-workshops. The respective e-workshops will be conducted via the platform Zoom and will be facilitated by an expert on the subject matter. During the e-workshops, practical cases, simulations, and presentations will provide opportunities to practice and reinforce the knowledge acquired. The material presented in the e-workshop will be interactive and assignments will be given for participants to further advance their knowledge. Participants will be given access to UNITAR’s online platform, where they will be able to access the materials of the e-workshop and directly submit their respective knowledge assessments.


At the end of each e-workshop, participants will need to complete a knowledge assessment quiz (15 multiple choice question) via UNITAR’s learning platform. In addition to these quizzes, participants will also have to complete a final task at the end of the second week of the e-workshop, which will consist of an essay question that will need to be answered in 2,000 words. Participants who successfully complete all the relevant tasks of the Online Diploma will be awarded a certificate of completion, while those who exclusively attend the e-workshops will be awarded a certificate of participation. Both forms of certification will be co-signed by UNITAR and IOI.

Targeted Audience

The Online Diploma on Governance for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems will be designed for up to 35 participants. Government officials, representatives of international organizations and NGO, protected areas staff, academics and private sector professionals with an interest in ocean sustainability are welcome to join the Online Diploma.


Additional Information

The online diploma will only take place if the minimum number of 20 - 25 participants has been reached.