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Workshop on Negotiation Skills and Techniques

Multilateral Diplomacy

17 Apr 2024
Geneva, Switzerland
2 Days
Programme Area
Multilateral Diplomacy
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Diplomats negotiate all the time. This workshop aims at improving participants’ analytical and interpersonal skills in their continual negotiations to make sure they do first things first. It is important to prepare before action, especially when strong coalitions and consensus are needed, and to improve the quality of relationships, internally through the mandate, and externally with the representatives of other partner states, before any other action. Negotiating the process and agenda is needed before dealing with problems and issues. In a meeting, negotiators must also communicate effectively, and use effective listening before speaking, asking relevant questions before presenting persuasive arguments. They also need to identify common platforms with others, before they express their own demands. In other words, participants will become more aware of how they behave in negotiation contexts, and whether or not they should behave the same way, or differently.

Learning Objectives

The workshop aims to improve participants' analytical and interpersonal skills in the continual negotiations they participate in. It is important to improve the quality of relationships, internally through the mandate, and externally with the representatives of other partner states by preparing before action, especially when strong coalitions and consensus are needed.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

• Analyse how diplomatic negotiations are conducted;

• Use a preparation grid for better negotiation planning;

• Identify tensions, differences, and conflicts in international contexts;

• Describe how to facilitate the peaceful resolution of conflicts;

• Perform more efficiently as a negotiator.

Content and Structure

In order to make this training workshop as interactive as possible, simulations and role-play exercises are used and discussed. Participants are asked to describe good practices. They are also provided with techniques for their daily negotiations, for their preparations, actions, and reviews.


The methodology of this course will include: 

  • Interactive Presentations;
  • Group discussions;
  • Evaluation and discussion of practical guidelines;
  • Skills development exercises.

Targeted Audience

This course is open to:

  • Members of Permanent Missions accredited to the United Nations Office in Geneva;
  • Delegates of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other government officials;
  • Representatives of international, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations and Diplomatic academies;
  • Members of the private sector.

Additional Information

Insurance Waiver:

By applying to the Workshop on Negotiation Skills and Techniques, all participants confirm that they are aware that the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) does not insure participants for this course. All participants are advised to arrange at their own expense insurance against sickness, accident, permanent or temporary disability, death and third party risk for the period of the meeting including travel time.

Discount for Eastwest European Institute Alumni:

Alumni from the Eastwest European Institute can benefit from a 10% discount for this training. After you complete your application, kindly send your Eastwest Certificate of Participation to diplomacy [at] unitar.org (diplomacy[at]unitar[dot]org). UNITAR will verify your alumni status and, upon confirmation of the latter, apply the discount.


Participants who have attended all the sessions will receive a certificate of participation.


To complete your registration, please write an email to diplomacy [at] unitar.org (diplomacy[at]unitar[dot]org) with your CV and a copy of your passport.

Note: Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis, and registration will be closed once we have reached the maximum number of participants.