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CIFAL Newcastle - Carbon Footprint Accounting


5 Jun 2023
singapore, Singapore
1 Days
Programme Area
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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University of Newcastle
University of Newcastle
University of Newcastle
RHT Academy


The first half of this course educates learners on the basic concepts of carbon footprint, its use, and its benefits to an organization. The second half of this course helps learners gain in-depth knowledge of the carbon footprint accounting processes for entities, products, and events.


Event Objectives

  • To educate learners on the basic concepts related to carbon footprint, its use, and its benefits
  • To provide in-depth knowledge on carbon footprint accounting for entities, products, and events

Learning Objectives


  • To help learners attain basic concepts related to carbon footprint
  • To help learners attain in-depth knowledge in carbon accounting process
  • Understand climate change issues and greenhouse gases
  • Understand global agreement on carbon emissions
  • Understand carbon tax and credit
  • Able to plan carbon accounting process for organisation
  • Understand and apply life cycle analysis method
  • Able to calculate CO2 emissions

Content and Structure

  • Overview of sustainability: theoretical framework
  • High-level dialogues on sustainability
  • Introduction to carbon footprint (activity)
  • Key sustainability topics (finance, supply chain, strategy)
  • Introduction to sustainability reporting
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Climate-related risks and opportunities
  • Data collection, internal control, and reporting


Discussions, lecture, case study, Q&A, fireside chat

Targeted Audience

People who are: 1. responsible to report and plan for strategies to reduce organisation's carbon footprint; 2. product/marketing related department with the need to consider prodcut's carbon footprint; 3. other professionals who may need to involve with the data collection and planning related to carbon footprint