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SDG Open Hack! Autism

Geneva, Switzerland
1 Days
Programme Area
Special event
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Open Geneva
Public – by registration
Mode of Delivery
Accelerating SDG Implementation
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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects one in 54 children and is characterised by difficulties in social interaction, impaired communication skills, and the presence of repetitive behaviours and restricted interests. As a pervasive developmental disorder, autism can have a profound impact on the lives of affected children and their families. However, early intervention (before the age of 3) can significantly reduce the developmental impact of autism by reducing the social deficits and learning difficulties associated with autism.

The overall success of diagnosis and intervention lies in the ability to detect the disorder as early as possible, based on effective pre-screening by parents or primary care practitioners, so that the child can be referred for specialist assessment. For screening, it is hoped that artificial intelligence (AI) tools can be of great help to many parents who are in doubt about their child. When autism is diagnosed, the involvement of families is essential to best support their child's development.

This hackathon aims to develop concepts for user-centred experiences to foster a good connection between families of a child with ASD and professionals (teachers or health practitioners).

This hackathon aimed at all citizens of Greater Geneva, of all ages and profiles, to engage them into the process of open innovation for addressing relevant  idenitified challenges.

The hackathon used a blended format of content and structure, including expert presentations on different topics, methodologies of innovation development challenges and self-organised group work for the final event deliverables. In particular, the hackathon run in one day, leading to the participants' final presentations. An SDG Innovation Bootcamp helped prepare the participants' participation in the hackathon. 

25 November: Digital Health Innovation Bootcamp online
26 November: SDG Open Hack! Autism

Hackathon is a method of open innovation practice, implying an intense, uninterrupted, period of collective problem solving. Methodologies of SDG Innovation, such as developing an idea to a concrete plan, team building and communicating effectively a meaningful solution by learning how to pitch were integrated as training to foster the participants' innovation outcomes and deliverables through the production of a few-minute demonstration of the innovation concept and its value. 

The event's target audience includes citizens of Greater Geneva.