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Career planning of senior high school students and young Chinese professionals

Hubei, China
9 Months
Programme Area
Local Development
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Private – by invitation
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Chinese, English
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After entering the 21st century, global competition, technological change and the transformation of society to knowledge economy make the workplace change rapidly. Therefore, people urgently need career education to adapt to the change. For school education, the continuous reform of the examination system also promotes the need for schools to carry out career education for students as soon as possible to help students enter higher education and employment

Module 1: career Philosophy Module 2: self exploration Module 3: external exploration Module 4: rational decision making

In the teaching process, use theories and cases to stimulate students' active experience of course content and activities through videos, pictures and other auxiliary materials; Actively mobilize students' communication and cooperation skills, use the group cooperation method in practical activities, let students independently implement the specific process of activities according to the rules, record their feelings and share the income of activities in real time

Secondary School students over grade 11 This course is for high school students who are interested in psychology and are willing to explore and develop .